Building Inpection Services

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections Melbourne

Pre Purchase Property Inspections Melbourne

Before you commit to buying a property, you need to know as much as you can about its condition, so that you can make a well informed decision.  This is why you need a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection.  We will respond promptly and help you to identify and understand any significant problems you may otherwise be […]

New House Inspections Melbourne

All Purpose Property Inspections can help you with your new house property inspections. Through the building and development of your new house we can help you keep things on track, on budget, help you reduce costs and keep builders accountable.

Specific issues

You might have some areas of concern that need to be examined at the home you may wish to purchase or, alternatively, at your existing home.  These could be internal or external issues that, left unchecked, could escalate.

Condition reports

A comprehensive inspection service for home owners, designed to provide awareness of maintenance required, to be conducted to eliminate premature deterioration of the home, and to find out what may require urgent, or future, attention.