New House Inspections Melbourne

All Purpose Property Inspections can help you with your New House Property Inspections. Through the building and development of your new house, we can help you keep things on track, on budget, help you reduce costs and keep builders accountable.

“I don’t know what I would have done without Ian, from All Purpose Property Inspections. He is highly experienced, very responsive and a true professional. We are building a new home and there have been multiple problems with the contract, the builder, and with the quality of the workmanship. Ian has gone above-and-beyond on so many occasions, to the point of reviewing the contract documents, meeting with the builder (face-to-face) to identify issues with the actual plans, and has even helped me write emails to try and get resolutions throughout the entire project. Ian is patient and honest, and has spent a lot of time answering my questions with great attention to detail, so that I understand where things are not being done to proper Building Regulations. His excellent service has saved me a lot of money and I am so grateful to him for everything he has done.”   

Chris Zhang (2017)


We offer the following services for New House Property Inspections:

1.  New House Plans and Documentation Check

Plans for your new home may have either deficiencies or inaccurate details that may create problems during the construction process and lead to disputes. Detection of these problems before commencement of a project can save money and time, helping to ensure that your project runs smoothly.

With over 20 years experience in dealing with plans and specifications, we will be able to put your mind at ease.

Including a site visit (optional), we can report on issues with site council assets, neighbours, etc..

We can also report on any specific matters of concern to you.

2.  New House Building Progress Inspections

We provide reliable, independent advice that informs you about whether the specific building stages are properly completed – prior to making your progress payment.

Supervision may be minimal.  Sub-contractors may be taking short cuts.  Building Surveyors do not take responsibility for the quality of building work.

We can also report on any specific matters of concern to you.

3.  New House Final Inspection

Your builder will notify you that work is complete and provide you with the opportunity for an inspection – prior to the final payment and hand over.

Our New House Property Inspection and Report will identify:

  • Any incomplete work
  • Items which need correction
  • Compliance with plans and specifications
  • Any specific issues which may be of concern to you, and/or
  • Certificates, brochures and warranty documents that should be provided to you.

* You’ll can also get assistance in getting the builder to finalise any issues, so that all parties are happy and you can move into your new home and enjoy it.