Pre-Purchase Property Inspections Melbourne

Pre Purchase Property Inspections Melbourne

Before you commit to buying a property, you need to know as much as you can about its condition, so that you can make a well informed decision.  This is why you need a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection.  We will respond promptly and help you to identify and understand any significant problems you may otherwise be unaware of.

You will receive a detailed, yet easy to read, Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Report covering:

  • Internal
  • External
  • Subfloor*
  • Roof*
  • Roof space*
  • Property surroundings

* Access permitting

You have a right to know what you are buying.

We do Pre-Purchase Property Inspections all over Melbourne and regional Victoria.

“All Purpose Property Inspections gave us a great deal of comfort when we bought our first home.  Ian talked through the contracts with us, advised us of traps to be wary of, and efficiently organised the inspection through the Real Estate Agent.  His delivery of excellent service made the process so stress-free for us.  Before providing his very detailed written report, Ian took the time to ring us first to explain his findings verbally.  This gave us the opportunity to gain an understanding of what issues there were, and whether they were minor, moderate, or major problems.  He explained the simpler ones and gave us instructions on how we could fix them ourselves, and his approach was deeply personalised to the extent of pointing out a rather moulding fence section, that could have resulted in our dogs escaping from our new property.  He even went so far as to look for draft spots inside our home and showed us a misplaced heating duct that needed re-fixing, so that the efficiency of our heating and cooling systems weren’t compromised.  We were both very impressed with his professionalism, his depth of knowledge, and timely service.  And he went out of his way to be extremely helpful the entire time!  Because of Ian, we felt happy to make our purchase with all of the real facts about the condition of the property in front of us.  Engaging APPI was extremely worthwhile in every possible way.”     

Katherine Vorster, First Home Buyer (2017)


How we do your Pre-Purchase Property Inspection

  1. Ian Donaldson will set a time to come and inspect your property in conjunction with the agent and the vendors
  2. The you will be informed of the inspection time and when to expect your report
  3. Ian will call you directly after the inspection to give you a heads up on how it went
  4. Ian then prepares a written report that outlines any issues found with the property
  5. Ian welcomes any calls for discussion after the report has been issued.

What to expect from your Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Report

You will receive a detailed report that outlines any problems and this report takes the form of a future maintenance list. You can use this report to help you set your budget when purchasing, or for gaining an understanding of the true condition of the property.

The inspection gives you an insight into the areas that you would not have seen at an “open for inspection”, or by walking around the house.

The detailed report will give you peace of mind, and a thorough understanding of what you are purchasing.

If you would like a pest inspection Ian can arrange for a pest inspection by a colleague. This Qualified Pest Inspector will test for the presence of any type of pests including: termites, mould and vermin.