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“Ian, from All Purpose Property Inspections, is our preferred provider because of his honesty, down-to-earth approach, and fantastic service.  We refer our clients to Ian knowing that he will tell it like it is, and explain the condition of a property based on its age, the area in which it’s located, and not gloss over anything.  Having said that, he’s also very fair in his assessments and will provide our clients, and us as the Real Estate Agents, with a report and reasonable measures that we can use to address any issues with the Buyer and Vendor, so that we can find solutions, negotiate price points, or openly discuss rectification possibilities that will provide win-win solutions.  Ian always takes the time to explain his findings fully, so that the integrity of each property is assessed on its merit, idiosyncrasies, and construction type – and this makes the process of each sale and purchase smoother for everyone concerned.

Ian’s personalised communication and comprehensively explained opinions garner respect, and that comes from his exhaustive level of knowledge, experience and reliability as a Property Inspector.”   

Tristan Messerle, Morrison Kleeman Real Estate, Eltham (2017)

We can help you increase the sale price of your properties by helping you:

  • Identify issues to residences before going to market
  • Know what issues to rectify to increase the property sale price
  • Increase the number of interested buyers
  • Save time – by not having to explain the problems – because will have fixed them

“All Purpose Property Inspections breaks all of the relevant information down to a level where everyone understands what may need some attention at a property under review.  Ian is great at what he does because he keeps it honest and real.  He is a wonderful communicator, and all of my clients who have engaged him have found he has their best interests at heart, whilst he fairly assesses the true integrity of the situation.  Ian is very good at presenting his reports clearly, and talks through any important issues, so that vendors and buyers can feel they have a reliable source of objective opinion to draw on.  Another one of Ian’s strengths is his ability to pinpoint the key problem areas and give proper weight to what is potentially an urgent fix, and make all stakeholders equally aware of what has the potential to escalate, as a problem, if it is left unchecked in the longer term.  He will also point out small issues and even make suggestions as to how these can be easily rectified with a bit of simple DIY.

Having known Ian for some thirty years, I have every confidence in recommending his services.  The process of buying a property can be daunting and scary, especially when you are looking for faults, but, with Ian, my clients soon find a highly professional and knowledgeable person who can usually allay their uneasiness because of his breadth and depth of actual building and inspection experience.  And, in the end, he leaves everyone feeling they have a sound understanding of exactly what they’re buying into.  APPI takes the untold mystery out of both buying and selling a property for all concerned.”    

Jenny Newman, Century21 Real Estate Principal – Ringwood East (2107)
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Your Pre-Sale Inspection Report identifies defects, that may hinder a sale.

The report:

  • Recommends to vendors works which could be undertaken.
  • Identifies areas which may require follow up actions.
  • Assists vendors by giving them simple steps to take to increase their sale value
  • Assists vendors by highlight more serious issues that they may need professional help

Of course, ultimately it is up to the vendors if they wish to act upon the advice presented to them.

The Pre-Sale Condition Report is a low cost investment to assist you, the agent. There is no cost to you, with the vendor covering the cost of the Pre-Sale Condition Report.

We minimise disruption to the vendor by working with your pre-sales team (e.g. photographer, stylists, etc.).