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Foundation movement – Newport

Just a bit of a gap found between the brick pier and the bearer. No wonder the house floors were so uneven. Definitely some substantial movement here. Call us before you buy to conduct a pre-purchase building and pest inspection.

Rising Damp in Northcote

Conducted a pre-purchase building and pest inspection at Northcote on a 2 bedroom unit. Rising damp was evident on the front wall. Don’t get caught unaware when purchasing a new property. Rising damp can be very expensive to repair. Conduct us before you buy to ensure you don’t get lumped with a hefty repair bill.

Broken heating ducting – Heathmont

We discovered this completely broken heating duct under a property in Heathmont, think about all that money spent on heating that is literally being blown out under your house. Get a pre-purchase Inspection to ensure you are well informed.

Loose Post found in Mt Waverley House

When doing a pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Mt Waverley we discovered a loose post in the handrail. If someone fell against this handrail the post would have fallen off. This is a major safety hazard. Make sure if purchasing a property you get an inspection done to make sure you are aware of […]

Brick Cracks in Rosanna

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection in Rosanna revealed substantial brick cracks throughout the property, indicating foundation movement. Contact us before you buy to get the full facts.

Broken tiles in Glen Iris

This was a lock up stage construction inspection in Glen Iris. Nothing like broken tiles to damage your brand new plaster. That’s why we are here!