Floors that squeak

If your floors squeak,  are uneven or there is a slope evident, you have a problem.  These defects are all signs that there are issues of concern in the sub-floor. The problems which may be occurring in the the sub-floor are: rotting to timber stumps. damage to timbers by termites. excessive moisture to the sub-floor […]

Building documentation checks

Don’t let your building experience be disastrous. Much of my work lately is the direct result of incorrect, incomplete or lack of building documentation compliance. This has resulted in major disputes between the client and their builder. I cannot stress enough how important it is that every detail is covered off in the plans, contract […]

House sub floor access

House sub floor access is very useful for lots of reasons including: – general inspection of the ground condition. – to inspect house stumps or other sub floor timbers. – to check and maintain sub floor plumbing or heating ducts. – for termite and other pest treatments. Many older homes I am engaged to inspect […]

Building – get what you paid for?

Self-closing hoods for bathroom exhaust fans are just one good example of common omissions that I discover when I conduct independent new home progress inspections for new home owners. Every new house has to have an Energy Rating Report completed as part of the planning process, and self-closing hoods for exhaust fans are specified as […]

New home progress inspections

Do you need help, guidance, reassurance with you new home building project? Building your new home is very exciting. But it can be daunting too. If you haven’t been involved with building before, it can be a steep learning curve. All Purpose Property Inspections can help alleviate some of your concerns by conducting independent progress […]

Damaged heating ductwork heats subfloor

During pre purchase inspections, I am surprised just how often I find that heating duct work has become detached and is lying on the ground in house sub-floors. It needs to be suspended under the floor and off the ground. In some instances the duct work is damaged with holes, or has a deteriorated outer […]

Roof space HWS

During my pre purchase inspections, I often come across old ‘gravity feed’ HWS (hot water services) in roof spaces.  These are usually no longer in use and have been disconnected and drained.  If this is the case, they cause no harm and can be left in place without worry.  I always mention the presence of these old […]

Damp subfloor ground

  Damp subfloor ground below a house can be a recipe for significant problems. It can cause the following: Ground subsidence Ground erosion Rot to timber stumps Moist interior to house Promotes mould growth to subfloor timbers and floor boards Attractive environment for termites A pre purchase inspection by All Purpose Property Inspections will inform you about […]