Inspection type: 137B Owner Builder Report

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What is a 137b Owner Builder Report?

According to the Building Act 1993, section 137B, prior to selling a home that has had building work completed by an owner builder, a 137B Owner Builder Report is required to be completed to issue insurance to form part of your Section 32 documentation. This report is only required for works completed in the last 6 years and 6 months.

This report allows the owner builder to purchase builders warranty insurance to protect the purchaser of the property for any works with a total value exceeding $16,000. This insurance covers non-structural defects for two years and structural defects for 6 years.

Selling without this insurance in place is an offence under the Building Act 1993.

Only registered building surveyors, inspectors, architects or endorsed structural engineers can provide these reports.

If you have had works completed under a major building contract, your works should be covered under an insurance policy provided as part of those works.